Found Information About Garage Door Framing On Google

I recently built a new garage for my home. It isn’t attached to my house, but is a standalone garage. With the help of a few of my friends, we were able to build it together and we had a good time doing it.

As we were getting further into completion of building the garage, I was still trying to figure out how to do the garage door framing. I really wasn’t sure how to do that and wanted to learn to do it so it was done correctly. I asked my friends if they had any ideas and they really didn’t know how to do it either. I went to Google and searched for garage door framing so I could figure it out. I looked through some pictures and websites that I came across when I searched Google. I found some really informative websites with step by step instructions on how to frame your own garage door. I saved the websites and the search so I could refer back to it if I needed to.

After reading about the supplies and other materials I needed, I went to check to see what I already had on hand, but I didn’t have the exact things I would need in order to complete the project. I went to the local lumber store to see if they had the items I needed. They had a few of the things, but not everything so I went to Lowe’s. Lowe’s had all the materials I needed to frame my garage door and didn’t need to order anything for me. I left with the materials that day and headed home to complete the framing on my garage door. It looks great and I am so happy that I finally have a garage to park my cars.